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Preventing Abuse


Take action to prevent abuse!

Abuse – Adult/Child

A staff member that suspects abuse/neglect is required to report it according to the Vulnerable Adult Abuse Act.

Examples of adult abuse and neglect:

Physical Abuse: Physical act by a person that causes pain, suffering, injury, or hurt to a patient; physical acts by a person that chastise, belittle, embarrass, humiliate, or degrade a patient; use of unapproved or excessive physical or chemical restraint techniques toward a patient by a person.

Verbal Abuse: Any derogatory, threatening, or demeaning language, whether oral or with gestures, directed toward a patient by a person; any profane language directed toward a patient by a person.

Neglect: Failure or refusal to attend to the necessary care and necessary treatment of a person; action or inaction by a person that denies patients the prescribed care and treatment to which they are entitled; actions by a person contrary to the prescribed treatment or program; unauthorized removal or unauthorized denial of a patient’s personal possessions (e.g., cigarettes, radio, phonograph, toiletries, etc.); unauthorized removal or unauthorized denial of a patient’s scheduled meals or snacks; failure to implement individual treatment programs as designed by the interdisciplinary treatment team; unauthorized use of seclusion and/or restraint; failure to secure proper or sufficient clothing and to see that patient is properly clothed; preventing a patient during normal waking hours from communicating by letter, telephone, or personal visit with the patient’s lawyer, physician, patient advocate, or guardian; preventing a patient from having visits from relatives unless such visits are unauthorized; failure to intervene or protect patient from abuse/mistreatment by another resident or staff member; removal or denial of a patient’s normal comfort needs (e.g., bed, hot water, lights, heating, clothing).

Sexual Abuse: Any sexual activity between a person and a patient, even if such actions are consented to by the patient, or that a person in the caregiver’s position should have reasonably known that the patient would perceive as sexual activity; caregiver using his/her position for sexual gratification or exploitation of patients.

Financial Abuse/Exploitation: The illegal use and/or mismanagement of a person’s funds, assets or property.


Harassment and Discrimination

  • Samba Care is committed to courteous and considerate treatment of its employees at all times. We want an atmosphere that is free from tension caused by demeaning or harassing conduct including inappropriate religious, racial, ethnic, age, disability or sexual conduct or comments.
  • Any employee that believes he/she has been a subject of harassment, discrimination or retaliation may file a complaint.
  • Individuals who feel comfortable may directly inform the offender that his/her behavior is offensive and unwelcome.
  • Samba Care has an open-door policy and encourages those who feel there is an issue to communicate their concerns to a manager or their supervisor.
  • Report suspected abuse and/or harassment or neglect immediately to the Administrator, Director of Nursing, or Nursing supervisor.