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Budgeting Tips For Nurses


We’re all trying to save money.

This can be extra hard for nurses, who are often running low on time and high on
responsibilities. With sporadic scheduling, it can also be hard to make and stick to a consistent
budget. To help make things a bit easier, here are some money-saving ideas for nurses:

  1. Use Healthcare Worker Discounts: Many companies offer discounts for nurses and
    other healthcare workers for their products and services throughout the year. You just
    might not know about them because most of us don’t think to ask. Check out 2022
    Health Care Worker Freebies and Deals | HealthJob for a comprehensive list.
  2. Cut back on the designer coffee: Caffeine may be your fuel, but it also might be
    burning a hole in your budget. Designer coffee is a treat, but maybe not for every shift.
    Start making your own coffee or getting a monthly subscription to cut down on costs.
  3. Carpool or bike to work: Depending on where you live, carpooling or biking is a great
    option to cut down on the cost of gas. It also gives you time to socialize or exercise!
  4. Pack meals and snacks: It’s so easy to buy takeout and hit the vending machines, but
    it can also add up. Pre-pack meals and snacks and buy in bulk at grocery stores.
  5. Buy gently used nursing supplies: There are lots of gently used items, including
    stethoscopes, compression socks, and scrubs, available online for a fraction of the price
    they might be new. Check out Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for options.
  6. Schedule big purchases: Black Friday and Nurses’ Week are big discount times, so
    hold off on the big buys until then. Some items are marked down as low as 90% off!

You work hard for your money – save as much as you can so you can enjoy it!