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5 Things Top Nurses Do


Nurses are already superheroes, but if you want to be the best nurse you can be, there are a few things you might want to do. We’ve asked some of the best in the field to give us their tips, and here’s what they told us:

  • Pay attention to your patients. This one may seem obvious, but with the constant pressure and demands of the job (as well as stresses at home) it’s easy to go through the motions or even rush a patient through their care. But patient care is a nurse’s number one job – and, research shows, a priority for healthcare executives. If you want to be respected in your position and beloved by patients, give them your attention and care from beginning to end.
  • Be tech-savvy. Technology is always evolving, and successful nurses always stay on top of it. Whether it’s new equipment or updated software, they take the time to learn how to use it, and even help others learn the ropes. It might be intimidating, but these skills might be vital to someone’s health. They’re also a boost for your career trajectory.
  • Keep learning. In the nursing field, it’s all about education, whether it’s getting CEUs or pursuing advanced degrees. Good nurses are perpetual students, always eager to learn something new. They attend classes and conferences, seek out advice and feedback from mentors, and devote themselves to mastering a new skill every few months. The result: they are some of the successful nurses out there.
  • Develop communication skills. Nurses have to be crackerjack communicators, whether it’s with patients and their families, colleagues, doctors, directors, and administrators. In high-pressure environments, it’s not always easy to be “on.” That’s why longtime nurses work to develop their communication skills and practices that help them keep calm and centered. There’s always more to learn when it comes to working with others; the best time to start is now!
  • Become an expert. There is probably one area or skill in which you shine. If so, get as good at it as you can, and you’ll become the resident authority. By mastering a skill, you’ll become an asset to your workplace and a more marketable candidate for employment.