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The perks of living with a nurse


There’s nothing like being cared for by a passionate nurse…and it’s even better to live with one!


  • They take care of you. Nurses bring their best to people they hardly know. Can you imagine what they do for people they love? Whether it’s a common cold or a real emergency, nurses give their families the best possible care. And the best part? Family members never have to be embarrassed about any medical issues, because they know that nurses have seen it all.
  • Your home will be healthy. Nursing isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. That’s why nurses bring their skills home. Families of nurses know all about healthy practices like hand-washing, taking vitamins, getting exercise, and staying home when you’re not feeling well. They also have plenty of medication on hand – as well as medical facts the family know almost as well as they do.
  • They’re patient. It’s a nurse’s job to stay calm and professional, no matter what’s going on. This is an asset anywhere, but especially at home, when the kids throw tantrums, spouses run late, or unexpected bills come in. Nurses know what real emergencies look like, so they can handle everyday bumps with ease.
  • They’re great communicators. Nurses are trained to communicate with patience and care, and they can even sense how you’re feeling before you can! They’re trained to read body language and physical signs, and can listen to what you say and don’t say. This is for better or worse – it’s tough to keep a secret from a nurse!
  • They can literally save your life. Need we say more?

What do you love about living with a nurse?