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SambaCare Nurse Scenario


Within the compassionate world of healthcare, nurses working with seniors in skilled nursing facilities hold a special place. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to providing exceptional care to the elderly are truly remarkable. Nurses need stamina and grit, combined with warmth and understanding, in order to truly succeed. A nurse sees many different patients, each with their own unique set of circumstances, and a really good nurse will be able to relate to each, giving each patient the right combination of medical care and emotional warmth. Here’s Emily’s story of kindness and compassion that went above and beyond the call of duty.


Emily’s Story:

I found myself assigned to the memory care unit—a place where individuals with varying degrees of dementia resided. The unit was bustling with activity, each resident requiring personalized care and attention. Amidst the many tasks that awaited me, I encountered a profound challenge that tested my skills and character.


Among the residents was Mr. Johnson, an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife, leaving him emotionally vulnerable. Mr. Johnson’s condition had deteriorated, and he displayed signs of agitation and confusion. He struggled to adapt to his new environment, often feeling disoriented and overwhelmed. My heart went out to him, and I immediately realized how important it was for him to have a calm and nurturing atmosphere.


I approached Mr. Johnson with a warm smile and a gentle touch, recognizing the depth of his grief and the challenges he faced. I listened to his stories, learning about his life before his memory began to fade. I tried to provide comfort and reassurance, just by being there for him, offering a sense of familiarity and connection that Mr. Johnson desperately needed during this difficult transition.


I felt for Mr. Johnson, and saw the emotional turmoil he was in. I knew he needed additional support, so I collaborated with the facility’s social worker and arranged for counseling sessions to help Mr. Johnson process his grief and adjust to his new reality. I stayed by his side throughout the process, offering a compassionate ear and encouraging him to express his emotions openly. After all, who else did he have in the world?


Recognizing that a purely clinical approach would not fully address Mr. Johnson’s needs, I actively collaborated with the facility’s interdisciplinary team. I coordinated with physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals to develop a personalized care plan tailored to Mr. Johnson’s condition and preferences. Through effective communication and shared goals, the team worked together to enhance his overall well-being.


My dedication to Mr. Johnson wasn’t confined to the clinical aspects of care. I organized activities that aligned with his interests, such as listening to his favorite music or engaging him in art therapy. By tailoring his care to his unique preferences, I was able to help Mr. Johnson regain a sense of purpose and joy amidst his challenging circumstances, fostering a greater quality of life.

I like to think that any nurse would do what I did for Mr. Johnson. I know it’s more than what was expected, but what wouldn’t I do to bring a smile back to the sweet man’s face?



Emily’s experience with just one patient out of the many she sees every day exemplifies the profound impact that nurses have on the lives of seniors. Her unwavering compassion, empathy, and dedication to providing holistic care transformed Mr. Johnson’s experience, offering comfort, connection, and support during a time of vulnerability. It’s important to remember the countless nurses like Emily who selflessly devote themselves to serving seniors in skilled nursing facilities, brightening their days and enriching their lives with kindness, understanding, and unwavering care.