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Nursing agency


Whether you are beginning your career as a nurse or already have spent some time in the nursing field, you know that choosing the job that will be the right fit is quite a challenge. Nursing staffing agencies help provide nurses placements in hospitals and nursing homes. They secure contracts in various healthcare facilities. The benefits for working with a nursing agency are many.

Improved Job Flexibility:

Working through a nursing agency offers job stability as well as flexibility. Agencies allow nurses, CNAs and LPNs to create their own schedule that helps them maintain a sustainable work-life balance. This is extremely beneficial for nurses who have other commitments such as caring for a family, or studying for further qualifications. There are no minimum or maximum hours when working for a nursing agency. You can pick up shifts when and where you desire, avoid night shifts if you so choose, and arrange your schedule around personal obligations.

Higher Pay Rates:

Agency nurses tend to earn a higher hourly salary. Additionally, most agencies offer speedy payment options. Salary statistics show that agency nurses earn considerably more than salaried nurses!

Less Stress:

When working for an agency you can avoid the stress that comes with working directly for a healthcare facility. You don’t have to worry about internal politics, managing others or performing non nursing duties. Working as a salaried nurse today can be extremely overwhelming as staff has to deal with increased workloads, time pressures and staff shortages. While working for a nursing agency many of these stressors can be avoided.


Nurses who work for an agency have the support of personal schedulers around the clock. Personal schedulers take a vested interest in all of their employees, getting to know their personal history and lifestyle thus ensuring that they are placed in a facility that is appropriate for them.

If you are looking for a job in the nursing field that will fulfill all your needs in a facility that is just right for you, make sure to consider working with a nursing agency.