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Nurse Blake’s rules for nursing employers


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This nurse/stand-up comedian hilariously calls nursing like it is – and tells you how to make your work great.

Here are Nurse Blake’s rules for nursing employers:

  • Passwords. How many times have you gotten locked out of the system and had to spend hours on hold waiting for IT to let you back in? Keep passwords consistent so nurses can spend their time doing the things you hired them for.
  • Parking. It’s hard enough to spend 8 hours on your feet, let alone walk to the facility from a parking lot a mile away. Nurses should have FREE PARKING on campus, close to the entrance of the facility.
  • Breaks. There is no quicker way to frustration, burnout, and turnover than lack of breaks. Giving nurses regular breaks, as well as breaks for lunch, will help them perform better in the long run.
  • Pay. Excellent pay only. Nurses work HARD and are the glue that holds your facility together. Give them a high living salary that reflects your respect for their work and their time. In the long run, you’re investing in your facility; nurses who have to take on extra work because their salary is too low will not be able to give you 100%.
  • Staffing. Every shift should be fully staffed every time. It’s difficult for nurses to cover for an understaffed shift and provide adequate care to more patients than they can handle. Your reputation is on the line; take care of your nurses so they can take care of your patients the way you want them to.
  • Water. Hydration stations should be available all around the facility, especially at the nursing stations.
  • Weekends and Holidays. Listen to staff members’ preferences for when they want to work. Many don’t want to work weekends or holidays while others are happy to. Keep your nurses happy by creating a schedule that meets their needs.
  • Coffee shop. A quality coffee shop with FREE COFFEE FOR NURSES should be open in the facility 24 hours a day.